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Thanks for your interest in making a donation towards the online work of Pastor Tim and Cybersalt.org

First of all, please understand that donations to cybersalt.org are not tax deductable.

Cybersalt.org is not a big, huge organization or ministry. It is really just me (a real pastor) working on web projects in my basement (don't worry, it's a finished basement). I try to be as frugal as possible in running my web site and e-mail lists. Thankfully, a lot of webspace and stable bandwidth for cybersalt.org has been graciously donated by www.islandnet.com. There are, however, other expenses that donations go a long way towards helping cover.

If you would like to help by donating, you may do so below by credit card through PayPal.com, or by mailing a check or money order to the address below. As a thank you for your donation, I would like to give you a one year subscription to the Ad Free version of the CleanLaugh List. After your donation is processed, I will e-mail you to confirm you wish to receive this subscription. - Pastor Tim

You can donate by credit card through paypal by clicking on this button:

You can mail donations to:
(Please make Checks or Money Orders
out to Pastor Tim Davis)

Pastor Tim Davis
3486 Metchosin Road
Victoria, BC, V9C2B2

Apparently it is important that you write USA on the fourth line of your return address. You may also write AIR MAIL on your envelope too.

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