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time for ambivalence clock

Time for Ambivalence

It's time for ambivalence.
cat shark video

Cat Shark

This video is simply too bizarre to adequately describe in words.
funny BBQ picture

Bun Warmer

As soon as the meat is finished you can warm your buns.
Opal The Cat Drinks from a Glass

Opal's Paws to Drink

This is Opal the cat. Opal's owner was an elderly lady who recently passed away, so Opal…
funny baby soother picture

Mute Button

Babies are cute and make so many lovely sounds, but even they appreciate the mute button…

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Funny Christmas Pictures

  • Funny Picture of Dogs in Christmas Manger Scene

    Dog Manger

    Fleas Navidog.
  • picture of bacon flavored candy canes

    Bacon Canes

    This is why the terrorists hate us.
  • Picture of protestor with antlers and riot squad

    Stable Security

    Security concerns at the North Pole stables have officials on the lookout for impostors.
  • A Funny Santa Picture

    Santa Helmet

    Santa is taking new precautions since grandma got run over by a reindeer.
  • A funny Christmas Tree Picture

    Christmas Spam

    The salesman guaranteed the Johnsons' tree for 100-200 years.

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