Pastor Tim:

Always stop and smell the roses!!

If you have a few minutes, reading this poem in this issue, brought a very old memory to this 83 year old mind…

icy plantI was home to North Carolina from San Diego, CA on boot leave in Feb. 1946.  We had cold weather with lots of freezing rain for a couple of days.  Then one day it cleared off but it was still pretty cold.  Everything was covered with ice.

We lived out in the country on a tobacco farm.  I told everyone I was going rabbit hunting!!  No self respecting rabbit would have been out in that cold, but it was a beautiful clear, cold and sparkly day so I got my rifle (a Winchester model 74 pump .22 that I had paid $11 for 5 years earlier.) and I went outside.

Right away, the first sound I heard was the tinkling of the ice in the trees.  What a beautiful sound that was!!!  God’s bells ringing quietly!!!  That was my first thought!!  What a beautiful sound that was and it accompanied me for the couple of hours that I walked around the edges of the fields of that farm.

I never did see a rabbit, but I really did not expect to.  That day still ranks as one of the very best days of my life.  I remember it very fondly.  I felt very close to our Lord that day!!

Thanks for your e-mails and your sermons.  I do enjoy every one that I listen to!!

Claude Covington