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At our session this past week I opened the meeting by reading the same passage from Amos that was read for us this morning. At the conclusion of my reading, one of your elders said in humor, "I am really looking forward to when you stop reading Amos at us."

I am glad that someone was listening and understood the gravity of what Amos is saying. And I don't think it was any picnic for Amos either. He was away from home, away from his livelihood, and preaching an unpopular message to an unfriendly crowd.
But he said what he needed to say, and it has been preserved for us right down to the twenty first century, and that is an incredible fact on its own.

"Love the Lord, all you faithful ones! For the
Lord protects those who are loyal to Him."
Psalm 31:23 (NLT)

We prayed for the safety of our youth while they would be traveling many miles on a mission trip.

I thought about how these days we are apprehensive about our safety and security. Businesses and private families spend billions of dollars every year for alarms, security guards, closed circuit television and other ways, trying to create our 'safe haven' in the workplace and in the home. It seems the more we spend the less secure we feel.
Almost everyone is familiar with the term "having a millstone around your neck". Life and it's miseries, worries, and frustrations sometimes make you feel that a weight is hanging around your neck dragging you down in the mud. The burdens of life are too much to bear. Often, one may go to extreme measures to cast off this millstone. Psalmist David himself had this to say:

Psalm 38:4 For mine iniquities are gone over mine head: as an heavy burden they are too heavy for me.

A Hurting Word...

"People" are a wonderful part of our lives--sometimes; other times, they're just a big pain! Ever been there? (Maybe YOU'RE the pain--eeks!) But let's be honest--you're a "people person" and know exactly what I'm talking about!

{mosimage}Some time ago I was corresponding with a few women from the U.S. We were on an e-mail listserve together, the kind where all our messages were seen by the whole group. Two of the women were military wives. One, a woman in Oklahoma, sent a message to the other in New York. It was just one line, but it shocked me. She asked ? "Is your husband at war?" Suddenly the reality of the Iraq war hit me, especially when the woman from New York sent back one word, "Yes."


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