Barb's Mantle

I'm back! It's been a few weeks since I've put out the newsletter. But, I've been busy. We had a revival at our church, and a death in my husband's family. So, I've just been taking time off, resting, and trying to get back into the thick of things.

Today is a new day - a new day, when you woke up, a new day in the world, and a new day, spiritually. I woke up this morning, thanking God for the ability to wake up! Without the breath He breathed into us, this morning would never have come. I consider the world as not my permanent home; I'm just passing through. As one song says, "I'm a Citizen of Two Worlds."

I started a Blog about things that interest me in the world, and otherwise. I feel I have to be accountable to God in what I post there, just as I have to be accountable to Him for what I do privately. So many think that it doesn't matter what you write; He's not adding that to your ?account?. I disagree. When you slip off the log into the water, if you can't swim, you will drown, provided there is nobody to rescue you. It's the same way, spiritually. If I slip into the world, and continue to sin habitually, then the power of God isn't . . .
You hear people moaning and groaning about what a bad life they have! They seem to never be satisfied with anything that ever comes their way. They covet what others have, or what others are doing. I haven't decided if it's because of the way they've been brought up, their inability to make a good life, or maybe they are jealous of what others have.

When sin fills our lives, we can never be satisfied. The enemy is always on our back, telling us that things aren't good for us. We need to get out there and 'take on the world? to speak! And, we usually listen (confess up!) to the enemy.

Life is worth living, when you get the enemy under control, through the blood of Jesus Christ. Once, you become a Christian, and apply the Word to your life every day, there is nothing that you can't accomplish. All things are possible with God [Matt 19:26], and when you place your faith and trust in Him, then all things are possible for you. He asks only that we seek first His Kingdom and . . .
Is it easy to hold grudges, rather than forgiving someone? Has someone done something to you or said a harsh word that you've had trouble forgiving? I ran across an article in a magazine where two Mothers had lost their sixteen year old sons to a gunshot. One was minding his business with friends, walking on the street, and a drive by shooting occurred, and he died. The other Mother's son made a mistake by going to a party and got into a fist fight. The other guy pulled out a gun and shot her son to death. I am sure the pain and agony was terrible on those Moms, as well as their anger toward the shooters. But both Moms learned to forgive, through the Word. One of the Mothers said she was praying the Lord's prayer and the word ?forgive? just jumped out at her. She said she knew, at that moment, she had to forgive the killer. The other Mom was sitting in court, when she realized that God said we had to forgive. She bought a Bible and took it to the teenager in prison, hoping it would keep him from ever wanting to use a gun in that way again. He later said she had shown a true Christian attitude, because she could have held a grudge the rest of her life.

I believe holding grudges only hurts us, not the perpetrators. Often, they don't realize that they've done anything to hurt us. And, some could care less. But, if we hold it in, it can cause stress, sickness, and . . .
The weather is almost unbelievable!  It seemed to never quit raining after the last hurricane. But, when it did, the weather went wild with heat!  Today,it's hitting the 100 mark,with the heat index about 106 or higher!  That's suffocating weather, when there is definitely no wind outside.  So, it is best to stay in, and stay cool, unless you just have to get out for an emergency

We fuss because of the heat hear on earth. Just imagine how hot it's going to be for the sinners that do not get their lives right with God before death.  Lots of people do not believe in a literal hell. But, I would advise them not to depend on that!

Revelation 20:14 And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.
Revelation 20:15 And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.
If we live, we make mistakes. We will never be perfect here on earth, as in 'man's perfection?. Just last night, I got a note written in my Guestbook that told me to ?quit judging?, ?who do you think you are??, 'may God forgive you?. But, in telling me all that, the person wouldn't leave the page on which he found me ?judging?, nor would he give me an email address to ask the question. Plus, I found ?judging? in that very entry in the Guestbook.

Too often we think WE are closer to God than others. We forget that it is GOD that draws us closer to Him through the Word, and His Spirit. When we get to the point that we think we know what's in a person's heart, then we are getting a little arrogant. Only God knows my heart, and hopefully, He sees me a little different than the person writing that note.

I am not perfect. But, each day, I try to get closer to God. Like Paul, I have to make a conscious decision to ?press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling?. Only God can make me perfect (mature). If I make mistakes, only God is able to . . .