Peter exhorted in 2 Peter 3;18, ''Grow in grace.'' But very few today, have any true conception of what Spiritual growth really is.

Some time ago, I read this, which has helped me a lot. ''When a Christian grows in grace, his growth is the same as the growth of a cow's tail. The more her tail grows, the nearer the ground it comes''.

And This is true spiritually; the more, we really grow in grace, the more we take our proper place-in the dust before God. The more, we grow spiritually, the more out of love with ourselves we become.

The more we grow spiritually, the less we boast of ''What I have done,'' and the more we will speak of what great things the Lord has done for us--His mercy in stooping to pick up so vile a wretch; His long-suffering in bearing with one so incorrigible.