The Spur

{mosimage}Lately, all across Canada, there has been a lot of debate about the same-sex marriage issue. Recently many of us attended rallies across the country to show our opposition to the proposed changes in legislation coming from the courts and our places of government. The arguments on both sides have at times been heated. As I've listened and watched I have cringed at some of the invective that has been increasing and I pray that we Christians will remember that Jesus, above all, was a minister of grace.

{mosimage}There’s cowboy music in the air. Literally. It’s coming from loudspeakers and fiddle players on the street corners. You can hear the commentator calling out the times for bull riders and bronc riders. It’s Stampede week in Ponoka and everybody’s a cowboy.

My brother held the picture up and asked, “What do you see?” It didn’t take me long to answer. “Two faces looking at each other,” I said, confidant that the answer was obvious. “Look again,” Terry said. I stared at the picture for a long time. Just as I was about to give up in exasperation, my brother traced the outline of one face with his finger and told me to look at the space between the two objects. A shape emerged and formed into a chalice. The faces blurred into the background.

{mosimage}I'd been sitting at the registration table, handing out nametags and taking payment for the seminar. At some point someone left a pen on the table. It was just one of those promotional pens, but it was a big fat one, the kind I like. After resisting for a while, I picked it up and examined it more closely. The name and address of an orthodontist was stamped on the shaft.

{mosimage}When the scandal hit, most people caught their breath in shock. Each day the headlines were worse. The pictures made us all cringe in disgust. Politicians expressed outrage and the military tried to insist that it was an isolated incident.


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