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Clean Puns
Pastor Tim

Pirate Corn

What does a pirate pay for corn? A buccaneer.... read more..

Clean Jokes
Pastor Tim

Classroom Talk

Thanks to Cybersalt Digest subscriber, Georgia B., for passing along this story from her sister-in-law, Mrs. Hall. As you know, kids say the darnedest things. Yesterday, a sweet little nugget said, ... read more..

Funny Car Pictures
Pastor Tim

Driving School Gone South

That was the day that things went south at the North Driving School. ... read more..

Funny Signs
Pastor Tim

Just Kidding Sign

Everyone wants to be comedian. ... read more..

Funny Pictures
Pastor Tim

Ocean Hear

Hey! I Can Hear the Ocean! ... read more..

Funny Pictures
Pastor Tim

Chainsaw Woodchuck

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck . . . . ... read more..

Funny Pictures
Pastor Tim

Barbecue Fork

It's proper manners to eat your food with a fork. ... read more..

Pastor Tim

Quote #1160

"If joy and triumph be showed when a king's child is born to the world, what joy is sufficient, when God's child is regenerated from heaven. The one is flesh, which is born of flesh: the other is spir read more..

Funny Car Pictures
Pastor Tim

President Bush Limo

You can take George W. out of Texas but you can't take Texas out of George W.! Check out President Bush's new limousine! ... read more..

Cybersalt News
Pastor Tim

Cybersalt News - September 1, 2011

Oh look, Chicken Thursday - and a happy September to you all as well! The return of the Cybersalt Digest is a few days late due to all the fun Mrs. Cybersalt and I are having with family who are stil... read more..

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