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March 2002

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Clean Jokes

List Management

Here is the list member's response - which is today's CleanLaugh.First the explanation behind it. A list member, who recently asked for instructions on how to manage her Cybersalt list subscriptions ... read more..

Cybersalt Shaker
Pastor Tim

Adopt Me

The British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has recently changed policies regarding the euthanizing of unwanted animals. They are no longer going to kill animals that ... read more..

Clean Jokes

Calling For Technical Support

Calling For Technical Support (sound familiar?)------------------------------ Ring... Ring... Ring... Ring... Ring.... Ring... Ring... Ring... Ring... Ring... Ring... Ring...Ring... Ring... Ring... R... read more..

Clean Jokes

Vacuous Goober

It was her turn. She rolled the dice and she landed on "Science & Nature."Her question was, "If you are in a vacuum and someone calls your name, can you hear it?"The Goober thought for a time and the... read more..

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