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May 2015

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Pastor Tim

Waiting for Power

The temptation to do ministry while we are waiting for God's empowering to serve Him. Listen Online: {audio}podcast/sm20150524.mp3{/audio}... read more..

Pastor Tim

Moving Forward

Focussing our attention on God's presence with us will help us guard our heart from that which - and those who - would lead us astray. Listen Online: {audio}podcast/sm20150517.mp3{/audio}... read more..

Pastor Tim

Motherly Advice form Proverbs

Many are surprised to learn that the description of a wife of noble character in Proverbs 31 is actually sage advice from a mom. Listen Online: {audio}podcast/sm20150510.mp3{/audio}... read more..

Pastor Tim

Chloe - A Story of Infertility, Adoption, and God's Love

Is God good even when he is not doing things you would define as good? Even if the title of this video does not resonate with your situation, watch this story and let your heart be touched by the tru... read more..

Pastor Tim

Distracted by People

Lindsay Hodges updates us on the work of Youth for Christ in Victoria and brings a reminder that people are valuable because they are created by God. Listen Online: {audio}podcast/sm20150503.mp3{/au... read more..

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