This LIFE is complete with burdens, worries, trials, and circumstances that feed ANXIETY.

The good news is Jesus is the answer!

So.. - DON'T be anxious, but learn to be CONTENT no matter what state your life is in. LET GO of those issues this life burdens us with. Give your burdens to God and Travel LIGHT

When you feel you are Coming apart, overcome with Debt, dreams have become NIGHTMARES, and even the US Mail says you are DEAD.. know that Jesus is the answer and can be your 

Jesus is the answer to life's Stressures that can not found in Drink. So loosen your Clenched Grip, and take every thought captive, check anyBAD attitudes at the door, get OUT OF BED and start with baby steps of faith. I call it Faith in a PaperBag where we trust God for a peace that passes all understanding even if at best you feel you are stark ravingCALM.

While this life is often filled with what I would call painful blessings, know that just around the corner life will get better and Hopeless is not even on the radar... and so DON'T WORRY.. BE HAPPY.. DON'T WORRY, Trust God!