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bad dunkThis page features cartoons and thoughts regarding the great game of basketball and how it often inspires and challenges my
faith.  From years as a player, then as a coach, as a basketball official, AND ALWAYS a fan.. I relish the opportunity to share
my faith worshiping the Lord with hands lifted high (THAT'S A FOUL), voices shouting praises tempered with a few heart felt

My playing days are over and I was not around when the shot at peach baskets, nor when the T-Rex wandered the courts 
but I have been around to watch the game I love evolve into a game where mere mortals still can play a pick up game
at the local YMCA or the Michael Jordans, and Lebron James of todays game now soar.

So without further delay let me start out with a few FUNDEMENTAL SKILLS that challenge my Norwegian verticality.  It is strange to think I once could dunk a basketball from time to time as now my game has regressed to only dunking donuts.

lay upBut with regards to fundemental skills let me share a few through the medium of cartoon..
the layup  and the fingerroll, the in-yo-face  dunk, the bad dunk , the brick layer , and the slam-a-jama .. pinball

in your face dunksoft touch


 Now like I said, not everyone can be Lebron James or Michael Jordan.  For the rest of the world of hoopsters we 

have ROLE PLAYERS who survive by Doing the little things!

Turnovers lose games, so a coach always wants players to hang on to the ball like glue . Maybe step in front of a power forward driving the lane like a Mack truck and take a CHARGE  for the team which gives legs to the old saying .. no pain .. no gain? AND every team needs a player willing at crunch time to take the .. the last shot  . 

March Madness Coach
At the heart of every winning team is a GREAT COACH.  A man who inspires fear in his players, berates officials to tears, and can chuck a chair half way across the gym.  He ( in his own eyes ) is never to blame, but quick to blame a loss on the refs, and his very own players.

There is also a Misc. Moments on the Court worth mentioning..
as believers there will someday be the risk of game time raptures 



March Madness Year 1



This has been an annual tradition for college hoop fans it seems like forever and I have been watching I believe since  YEAR 1   . This brings on all the bracket picking boards where everyone and their mother (LITERALLY) pick the winners for this college basketball championship.

Coaches & Zebras  - The relationship between COACH and REF (aka Zebra) is much like a marriage.  <pause>  Not always a good marriage but a marriage none the less.  

They bicker, they have terse words where the coach (aka wife) needles and picks at the ref (aka husband) all while the ref (husband) is only interested in peace.  Sometimes he gives in just to stop the nagging.  The coach (aka wife) claims she is only trying to help.  <pause>  You know, just like in a marriage :)  

The words of the coach (aka wife) are received much like items on a honey do list.  1. Call it both ways, 2. Number 52 is in the lane all day.  3. Call something before someone gets hurt 4.  The fouls are 7 to 2.

Finally the ref (aka husband) has had enough.  He will either 1. give the coach a technical (aka yell at his wife) or 2. give in to the coach (aka his wife) and submit to the petty items on this reffing honey do list.  <pause>  Only problem here is this is not a monagomous relationship as the other coach (aka the other wife) has his own honey do list.  AND.. the stands are filled with fans who act like another 500 wives and their spoiled children all shrieking similar complaints .. CALL THAT FOUL.. BOOO... BOOO.. CAN I BORROW YOU MY GLASSES.

If these tensions escalate too far the coach (aka wife) is ejected (aka divorced) from the game.


But then again sometimes after a game the coach will seek you out to tell you "YOU ARE THE BEST".

So you see this is so very much like marriage.  <except there will be no kiss>

Ok, with the ref v coach dynamic now explained for the lay person, let me share a few cartoons of this referee coach love waltz turned slam dance.

March Madness... or MADMEN !, technical fool  , working  the refs, mad ref with a mad faith  , foul  or hangnail
sick refs STAY HOME  , Blind Ref ? Isn't that redundant? , Coach Tourettes Double Foul  , Ref with COLD  
Kind words.. NOT  , Whistles  and the LAW, The Age old FOUL CHASM  , Technicals ant Tempers  
Look to the SKY  , Foul called and REPENT



 In conclusion let me share the words from an NBA Ad compaign.. I LOVE THIS GAME!