The devil's busy little minions are everywhere. Like cockroaches, and rats they scurry in the shadows of life, and scatter when hells rustygatesTheir home is a rusty gated community (HELL) where logic is upside down. Right is wrong and wrong is right. Good is bad and bad is good.

The irony of this upside down world is evident in the teachings and lessons taught in their churches, the board rooms of their businesses, the values taught in their schools, and even what they choose to watch on TV... or maybe a 'romantic' movie classic from HELL. The concept of BEAUTY in Hell is of hellbizmeetingcourse also twisted.

Even CURSING IN HELL makes a fella scratch his head and mumble.. "What the..", and then there is the fella eatingANGEL FOOD CAKE... WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?





They are industrious little (lost) souls busy about their work whispering lies shouting 

discouragement, anger, envy, and compromise to the good life God intends for each of us. BUT.. while these whispers are effective, they are only effective when we lose sight of God's love and perfect grace.

To round out my the topic of demons, let me share a few random toons of demons at work and play. There are those who playPranks.. The very goth look of a Demon Chick - the age old problem of cooking Marshmallows in Hell, and finally a public saftey announcemtne from Smokey the Beelzebub... AND there are even REBELIOUS teen demonsSo remember while the world of demons and temptation are real, they like darkness hold no power when exposed to the LIGHT.