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If you think as a cartoonist I am not qualified to write on spiritual matters, then you may be equally concerned today this son of a logger is writing about the environment. 

Loggers are demonized as timber terrorists by those tree hugging sorts who believe trees are people too. Truth be told Loggers are about timber management, and not about destroying the resource they depend on. 

But that is not up for discussion today as the topic will be going GREEN with moments and lessons from the Bible.

Let's start with the fact God is the creator of this incredible world (The Original Earth Day). I guess that makes Him an environmentalist. 

From the beginning with the Garden of Eden through today, this is a world of beauty and nature that takes my breath away. Creation is not happenstance of a 'random big bang', nor the outcome of abungling creator fumbling with his new chemistry set for deities. 

Creation is the amazing process where all things have their place and the complexities of every tree, flower, animal, man, and the rest of our Earth AND UNIVERSE is just a 7 day project for Omniscient and Omnipotent God.

Meanwhile in the Garden of Eden man and woman were kicked out not because Adam cut down the tree of knowledge of good and evil with a chain saw, but because they disobeyed God and ate of it's fruit.

cain petaTheir son Cain was the original PETA/Go Green Guy who was outraged at his brother Able's animal sacrifice to God. Why was his meat lovers sacrifice accepted while his 'Vegan' Sacrifice was rejected. So as a case of extreme overreaction he killed his brother.

jonah wormLater on in the Old Testament we read God creates a shade tree for Jonah ( Go Green ) to sit under, but Jonah continues his pity party until God sends some sort of logger worm to cut clear cut his shade and get his attention.

Next on to the Gospels Jesus calms storms and walks on water. proving nature and Jesus are best buds.

jesuswalksonwaterBut in the last week of Jesus life on Earth Jesus curses a fig tree that was not bearing fruit .. and the TTH ( Temple Tree Huggers ) were aghast.

jesus talktothehand
I am sure there is much more Go-Green moments in the Bible but these were a few that came to mind.

Finally in Revelations 7:1 we read that a angel blows his trumpet and hail, fire, and blood fall on the Earth. NOT GREEN.. This we will call.. BAD EARTH DAY

So on this Earth Day let's enjoy and appreciate God's creation. It is April 22nd, 2013 and we still have snow in MinneSNOWta as our worries of Global Warming have shifted to our new environmental threat.. The New Ice Age. Viva La Ice & Snow!

May God bless and use each of you this day in ways that are beyond your dreams. This world is a wonderful creation and we all need to be good stewards of this planet.

Jeff (Having a Green Day in the Back Pew) Larson

P. S. GREEN NOTE: Go Green.. Bay Packers!!