Spiritual v Physical 

This life is not one to venture out on your own, and the promise from Jesus Christ of a comforter assures us we are not on our own.

Of course it is not easy to get my head around my daily tasks in the real physical world so how does a middle aged guy (if I live to be 110) get my brain to accept this spiritual dimension?

It is easy enough to go to church and worship with others and feel all good inside, BUT THEN I leave the church walls to a very UNspiritual world, and the rubber meets the road. The reality of work, debt, mortgage, family, friends, enemies?? and all the STUFF on the evening news.  All very real stuff.. all sobering, and all together a weight either directly or indirectly I carry.

BUT JUST AS REAL is my faith in God and the belief in the spiritual aspect of this life. Again, Jesus said when I go I will send a comforter.. the Holy Spirit. So my spiritual life is one of prayer for leading and comfort found in things not seen or heard.  This is faith.. but I believe this spiritual realm is as real as the physical one.

I believe in the supernatural creator of this world who exists outside the boundaries of time and space. I believe He is our personal loving Heavenly Father, and I believe he is available to us through prayer and by His Spirit. I believe He cares about my day to day rubber meets the road when life is not easy.

gift tothe churchA way I believe God's spirit works in us are the gifts/abilities we are each uniquely wired with. Our talents blessed by God, along with the fruit of His Spirit which hopefully describes the spirit in each of us (loving, joyful, good, self-control, etc). With the GIFTS God has blessed along with FRUIT of His spirit.. then the WORKS of his spirit I believe will  accomplish acts of worship and service through each of us.

It is all easier said than done.. but I believe the most worthwhile discipline we can undertake.  How else could we ever fullfill God's two greatest commandments to Love Him and care for others?  On our own?  not so much.

piglatin spiritualgift potluck

My prayer is that we as believers not go it (life) on our own with only a Sunday morning recharge. I pray we as believers are daily in prayer (a constant attitude of prayer) where his Holy Spirit guides and intercedes with us.  Anything else I BELIEVE is settling for less than the best.

 (I Cor 12:4-11)
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