MOMS - preschoolers

tiredmom3RAISING.. and corraling the little ones.  From birth through preschool your next 4 or 5 years is a crazy busy time where your anticipation for the birth of your child is now replaced with the anticipation of their nap and bed times. Alone.. is not really on the radar! Sleeping through the night.. LUXURY!

These are wonderful years where your baby grows from total dependence to a toddler expressing their growing independence while still using mom as their 24/7 fix for any predicament they get themselves into, and deliver any snack they cannot reach. So to accomodate this independent/dependent environment mom will require setting up safe boundaries for her little chillinz to crawl, toddle, run, and jump within.

momsgraceunderpressureThese years are best described as GRACE UNDER PRESSURE where moms will be tested by these little peoples take their first steps, potty training, riding a bike with training wheels, and grow a vocubulary from their first goo goo to becoming suprisingly articulate in expressing themselves and their never ending needs.

While experiencing those proud moments as your child hits each of the above developmental milestones and more please do realize the rest of mom's days are filled with negotiating meals one bite at a time(HERE COMES THE AIRPLANE) to doing dishes while being shell shocked with verbal barrage demanding JUICE JUICE or MOMMY PLAY WITH ME.  Even try and navigate across the expanse of your kitchen without encountering the toddler 2-legged takedown. And if you ever think about a nice relaxing bath.. in peace and quiet.. insert a big ol LOL here cuz it aint gonna happen unless they are at grandma and grandpas.

toddler takedown

Of course dad is critically important too, BUT everyone knows.. mom (even outside any traditional stereotype) makes the house a home, adds order to the parenting madness, and the children all know who is REALLY IN CHARGE.  Without mom, the home would look (and smell) more like a guys dorm only with legos, matchbox cars, dollhouses, and other misc toys strewn everywhere. So the sooner everyone acknowledges mom is the boss, the better. Like the old saying goes.. If momma aint happy aint nobody happy.  Also, like Bill Cosby once commented on family dynamics, "I have seen what the boss has to do and I DON'T WANT TO BE THE BOSS!"Moms.. speak softly but carry a big MOP!  (cuz things can get messy)mopsIt must be stated now that the average salary for being a MOM is even less than a Christian cartoonist. While this financial package leaves something to be desired, the fringe benefits of dandelion bouquets, and an occasional mothers day breakfast in bed comprised of cold cereal and luke warm coffee is PRICELESS.

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