preachercreatureSPACE may be the Final Frontier for the Star Ship Enterprise, but for the rest of us.. The Pursuit of God should be our highest calling.

Not just to believe there is a God but to understand who He is.  Of course our finite noggins can only attempt grasp infinite, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent creator of this world.

bigbangFor me it starts the same as it does with cosmologists.. with a BIG BANG.  Problem is cosmologists believe the Big Bang was a random occurence where everything came from nothing without adding in a God factor.

bunglingcreatorFor me this does not make sense. I believe for something to come from nothing you need a creator who exists outside the boundaries of time and space, and this creator must be the source of all knowledge and be all powerful.  If your god is lacking in any of these key ingredients.. he was not the creator of this world and you should keep looking.

indifferentdeityand after the Big Bang (aka creation by God) occured my pursuit of truth leads me to the God of our bibles while cosmologists appear to travel the 'pure science' road leaving little room for a God of any sort.  This is sad

godisnot angrydeityBut this page is not designed to debate science but to point to the loving creator of this world. The stories from our Bibles share a relationship between mankind and his creator from Genesis through the end of time. This was not a big boss and subordinate relationship but instead a personal relationship.  From talking to Adam in the Garden of Eden, through all the major and minor godneversawitcomingplayers of the Old Testament to the Gospels where the Son of God Jesus Christ enters the picture.  Then the relationship continues through the book of Acts detailing the first church and the mission to share the good news of Jesus Christ and His loving Heavenly Father.

And it does not end there as God has a plan for a future for all who would trust Him. God has a plan and a home in Heaven for us to spend with Him for eternity after the existence of this old world ends.

adropinthebucketofeternitySo no matter your passion in life or the interests you are wired with please do not neglect the pursuit of God in your life.  This life is a DROP IN THE BUCKET of eternity so before you complete your BUCKET list prepare for eternity by having a relationship with your creator.  This is a big concept that I have trouble getting my head around BUT this is the most important pursuit in life.

To know and to love God, and to care for others as yourself.  

This is what LIFE is all about.



Let me close my thoughts we a number of things to keep in mind in your pursuit of God. 

  •  This relationship is NOT summed up on a check list,
  • too often falls short of the target.
  • Don't try to put God in a Box? He is bigger than your thoughts and any theology.






IT MATTERS what road you are on

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