Dating, love, marriage, and Minnesota lakes in the month of March all have one thing in common.THIN ICE. In all these scenarios THIN ICE is most times not obvious until you find yourself cold, wet and wondering what just happened.

Now the topic here today IS NOT Minnesota lakes but rather the chilly side of relationships, and so without further delay let me present the THIN ICE OF MARRIAGE. 

You may find yourself on THIN ICE for.. what you say or don't say.. So many say HONESTY is the cornerstone of every good marriage.  I agree in part, BUT .. choose your words wisely or else.. DOWN YOU WILL GO .. thru the ice and into the icey waters. How do my pants fit? Do you love me? Do you like my new hair color? Am I beautiful? .. all these questions and more your bride wants honesty from the man she loves.
- Tell me honestly - Tell me you love me, - The hair color question  - Am I beautiful? - honesty is a lonely word

- Thinking OUT LOUD - Love and Toenails - burnt offerings - Til Death or Stress do us part?

- The Hunters Widow - Mothers Day Thin Ice

2. What you do/don't do.. 
TV Remotes, - Laundry, - Toilet Seats, - A ring, - Honeymoon, and - Anniversary Bloopers

Slim-Fast - Flowers - Chocolates - Smooching conflicts - TIC System, - Skillet Love, and 
Laundry in Heaven,


3. somedays, by continuing to breathe