In Need of a Re-Overhaul or Face-lift?

Our church is undergoing a 'face-lift', or remodeling job, if you will.  We will also be adding on to the church for Sunday school rooms, offices, new kitchen and fellowship hall, and adding a baptistry.  The job is getting done, bit by bit.  The carpet is going down and our new beautiful chairs are being put down in the sanctuary. Each time we go back to church, something has changed or been finished.  Seems there is always something that needs to be done.  I'm sure, even after the remodeling is done, there will  still be things that need to be done or changed.

In our personal lives, there is always change.  We grow older day by day, our children grow up and leave home, and we are left with an empty nest.  Sometimes a marriage doesn't work out and a spouse is left alone.  Our jobs play out, or don't work out, and we are off to find another job. 

We can always find a reason for re-modeling the home.  The furniture is old, the carpet is worn, the fixtures have turned color, the scheme is no longer in fashion - just a host of reasons for change. Even we sometimes think we need a re-overhaul with a 'face-list'.   Our face looks back at us from the mirror and we don't know who we are.  The wrinkles have taken over where there once was smooth skin. The hair has receded,  and the color isn't our natural color anymore. We are either white/grey/silver, or we have color on our hair.  In other words, we no longer have that youthful appearance that we once would have died for.  No amount of make-up on our face can erase the years of wear and tear put there through living in this world.  No amount of body work can give us a teenager's body.  We can exercise and keep healthier than we would be, if we didn't exercise. We can try to eat right, get enough sleep, and live a clean life - all to prolong our lives. 

A face-lift or remodeling job can change things in the natural.  But, they never can change things in the spiritual.  The outer man may look differently, but, if the inner man hasn't changed, we are still in need of a re-overhaul.  This type of over-haul can only happen through meeting the man called Jesus.  If you haven't met Him, He is waiting for your call.  If you have met Him, then you know you can call on Him and He can change your life immediately!  You don't have to go through the process of re-modeling like our church is experiencing, nor do you have to go through a painful face-lift.  Repent and get your life back on track!

Acts 3:19 "Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord;"

Copyright 2004 by Barbara Sanders, Empire, AL. Used by permission.
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