Joshua Goodling

You may have heard of Jim Elliot, who went to Equador to take the Gospel to the Auca tribe. This tribe was described as one of the most dangerous tribes in the jungles of Equador. In fact the homicide rate of this tribe was like 60% - from tribal members killing their own tribal people.

Of course, if you know the story, you know that Jim Elliot and 4 other men were viciously killed by the Acua indians. Later, Jim's wife and others went back to this same tribe and brought them the gospel. Many of the tribal members became Christians.

One of the five men who was murdered that day in 1956 was Nate Saint. He was an ex US Airforce pilot who piloted the plane that brought Jim and the other men deep into the jungle to bring the story of Jesus Christ to these indians.

Nate's sister, Rachel, was one of the women who brought the Gospel to that tribe with Jim Elliot's wife (Eliszbeth Elliot). And in fact, she lived with the Acua tribe as a missionary until her death in 1994.

Steve Saint is the son of Nate Saint. Steve was 5 years old when his father was killed by the tribe. Yet, he went back to that tribal village on many occassions to visit his aunt and the tribe. He even grew to . . .

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