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Susan DavisSusan is Pastor Tim's wife.
She isn't simple, but her blog is Simply Susan.

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I should warn you, this post looks back at a difficult time.  This was the life that motivated me to look for something better.  It’s not pretty…

Spiritual CaptivityIt first began to dawn on me that life was not as it should be about 5 years ago.  Nothing monumental happened, I was just in a very familiar place of being stuck – again.  Maybe it was because the frequency was increasing and certainly the intensity caught my attention.  Let me back up a little and fill you in.

I’m in a good marriage, and am blessed to be married to a really good man.  I live in a house that’s nicer than I ever imagined I would get to live in. My 3 children would have been in their pre to mid teens at that point, and they are really good kids.  We talk lots, laugh lots, and really enjoy each other’s company.  Our eldest daughter had just come through a year of thyroid cancer which included 3 surgeries and a radiation treatment.  God’s faithfulness and strength saw us through that year.  We came out the other side amazed by His faithfulness, and humbled by His goodness to us every step of the way. Everything in life was good – except on the inside of me.

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Freedom in ChristGod has worked such amazing miracles in my life over these last 14 months that I can’t keep quiet regarding His goodness and His love.  Every time I go out for coffee with a girlfriend conversation eventually comes around to life, and I spill the freedom and the beauty every time, because I want everyone to know and because I can’t keep it quiet.  It’s too good; and it’s completely available to every one of His children.