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Susan DavisSusan is Pastor Tim's wife.
She isn't simple, but her blog is Simply Susan.

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Soda Pop and FamilyThis update comes post ‘stay-cation’ for me.  We had 2 weeks of family with us and let me say what a fabulous time that was!  No kidding!  I hadn’t seen Alyssa and Matt since their wedding day almost 10 months before and all the superfluous adjectives for fantastic fall short of how great it was to see them and spend the quickest 10 days of the year with them.  It was pretty cool to see them both with wedding bands on; that was new for me.  The kibitzing, conversations, games, sun-stretches, walks to the beach, meals, stories, cinnamon buns, hugs, Father’s Day, being at church together, geo-caching, on top of all the cool things we were able to see and do because of the Naval Centennial still bring happiness and a sense of uber-blessing.

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quiet placeMy morning Bible study has been in the Gospel of Mark recently.  I  asked my Father to enable me to understand the significance of what I’d be reading; to really ‘get’ it; to let it touch my heart and my mind as if I were there.  I want to know Jesus more, and by watching Him as He spends time here as a man perhaps I’ll catch a glimpse of His heart, of what’s important to Him, of what’s important in life.  I’ve only been reading my Bible sporadically with this kind of intention and I think I’m still missing much more than I’m catching – but I had some interesting thoughts this morning. The first was simple yet good for my heart...

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believe GodI’m hoping these words will land coherently because right now there are so many different ideas and thoughts zinging through my head I can barely catch a glimpse of one before it speeds off and 8 more come zipping by. I’ve been reading from a lot of scattered places in my Bible this morning as I finish off a few weeks of studying the book of Ephesians. Just about every one of these scattered places took me to fabulous places of remembering promises God has made that can change all of life if we just believe them, confirming truth that I’ve experienced as reality in my own life recently, or drawing me further into obedience to my Father.

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humble pieWell, wouldn’t you know that my first step into this uncharted territory would need to be changed? For all of you who read “Where to from here?” before 11:30am PST on Tuesday I need to tell you that the post has been altered – and I apologize for the presumption that was originally there.

My usual routine is to write the article, let it sit for a day or two while I process the content in my mind, make any adjustments that are needed and then post it on-line.  Not so with that one!  It had been forever since I posted anything and I really wanted to get something out, so the “processing” element was nixed.  Bad move.