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Tim Davis is a pastor at Westside Bible Church in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. His internet past-time is the backbone of the Cybersalt sites.

 A bump between a BMW and Chevy Impala is the impetus for this fresh look at Matthew 26:40+41.

A chimney top view of a mountain lookout provides the context for this consideration of Matthew 6:19-21.

Why is Pastor Tim sitting in his garden shed and what does it have to do with Proverbs 25:8?  Watch this first episode of the Cybersalt Shaker to find out!

I am excited to announce a new project I have been working very hard on: the Cybersalt Shaker YouTube channel.

It has been many years since I've added any new devotionals or commentary to the Cybersalt Shaker area of this site.  I haven't lacked things to communicate, but I have lacked the time to write them down properly as I am terrible at certain elements of printed grammar. However, even though speaking does require the same amount of time to prepare as writing, it's final execution requires far less time.  To put this in the words of many who know me, "I can talk."

Below you will find a video of this same announcement.  It will give you a bit of foretaste of what is in store on this new channel.  I hope you will subscribe to the Cybersalt Shaker YouTube channel through the link in the video, or right now through this link:

Thanks again for being part of Cybersalt!

skype logoFor a couple of weeks Skype has not been working on my computer.  Yesterday and today I finally got around to looking into what was causing the problem.

The crash report for Skype was saying that the problem file was "nvdxgiwrap.dll."  When I googled that .dll file it came up in error messages for crashes of other programs as well.  In one forum the suggestion was to update the nvidia video drivers.


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