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Tim Davis is a pastor at Westside Bible Church in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. His internet past-time is the backbone of the Cybersalt sites.

race-rocks-19151Close to where I live, stands a lighthouse on a group of rocks known as Race Rocks. This lighthouse steers mariners clear of the 8-10 knot (9-12 mph) tide that flows between it and the south coast of Vancouver Island. There are a number of sad tales of ships and lives lost in this treacherous passage of water.

In 1865, lighthouse keeper George Davies and family had for some time been looking forward to a visit from Rosina Davies? brother, sister-in-law, and three friends. On the day of their intended visit, the Davies scanned the nearby shore in anticipation of sighting the boat that would bring family and friends to break the solitude of the lighthouse keeper's family. Sure enough, the visitors did appear as planned, rowing towards their destination, Race Rocks.

November 11, is the day when a number of countries around the world remember their war dead and past and present military service men and women. The video below is a wonderful and stirring piece of art focussing on the significance of this day.

Here is one person's description of the story behind the video:

On November 11, 1999, Terry Kelly was in a Shoppers Drug Mart store, in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. At 10:55 AM an announcement came over the store's PA asking customers who would still be of the premises at 11:00 am to give two minutes of silence in respect to the veterans who have sacrificed so much for us. 

ss-tyndale-graduationAs many of you know, Mrs. Cybersalt and I are back from our two week vacation.

The highlight of our time away was Alyssa's graduation from Tyndale University College. Here is a video of the "Graduating Student Reflection" she was asked to deliver. Susan and I were both blown away by the incredible job she did and I couldn't be prouder that Alyssa clearly *gets* the Gospel and can communicate it so clearly. The full text of her speech appears below the video.

dad-retirement-picsCongratulations to my dad, Larry Davis, who is enjoying the first day of his retirement today. Dad has worked hard all his life after leaving school in grade 9 to help support his family following the passing of his father.

Down through the years I've watched my dad hold many jobs and work hard at each of them. Every person my dad has worked for has been blessed for having such a hard worker. Unfortunately a few of them viewed that as something to take advantage of, but dad just kept working, just kept providing, and just kept being the wonderful man that he is.

I hope that when I retire my children feel the love, respect, and appreciation for me that I have for my dad today. I also hope that no past pictures of me turn out to have hair styles that are so out of fashion. Thanks Dad!

As has been the tradition since the beginning of Cybersalt's first newsletter, Pastor Tim's CleanLaugh List 12 and half years ago, our regular mailings pause today in observance of Good Friday - the day when many Christians around the world make a special effort to remember the crucifixion of Jesus for our sins.

Jesus' death on the cross is the cornerstone of every good work of transformation God has done and is doing in my life. Through the forgiveness Jesus purchased by his sacrifice, I have experienced and am experiencing the working of God in my life in the form of emotional healing from the hurts and difficulties of general life and the conviction and correction of ongoing sinfulness in my own life.

Speaking of my life in this way causes many people to respond with a "harumph." Many think it takes a special person to be a pastor - a person who is all ethereal, gifted in certain ways, and who possesses some innate spiritual mojo that pulls extra weight in the heavenly realms.

However, the reality is that our relationship with Jesus does not depend on what we bring to the table but rather what He offers us through the cross. Forgiveness from our sins and eternity in Heaven is ours if we'll just trust in Him alone to break down the wall that sin built between us and God.

That's why the day Jesus was crucified can be seen as "good", why its anniversary should receive special observance and why Jesus deserves our devotion all year round.

- Pastor Tim


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