Cybersalt Shaker

The Cybersalt Shaker features devotionals and commentary written by Pastor Tim.

Recently, my wife planned a date night out for the two of us: dinner and then a concert featuring a jazz pianist she particularly enjoys. When the actual night arrived, we made the hour-long drive to the town where the performance was, picked up our tickets at the theatre, and then made our way to a restaurant we had noticed as we arrived into town.

Called the Copper Grill, we arrived at the restaurant doors with healthy appetites and even healthier expectations of a wonderful meal together. Waiting for us, just inside the door were two smartly dressed women - one of whom was holding a clipboard. The holder of the clipboard delivered a marvelous greeting to us, which we enthusiastically returned. Things were looking good for a nice meal and excellent service in a friendly restaurant.

The British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has recently changed policies regarding the euthanizing of unwanted animals. They are no longer going to kill animals that are potentially adoptable.

Instead, the SPCA is going keep unwanted animals until homes are found for them - even if it means that animal shelters get overcrowded. They are also hoping to develop a foster care program where individuals will temporarily take these poor pets into their lives to avoid unnecessary slaughter until a more permanent home is found.

On top of the above, the BC government is currently rethinking the current status of animals in our society. Currently they are considered chattel or property. That means that my dog, Maggie, has the same rights as my pickup truck or my wife's piano (both of which we have great affection for.) The government may move and declare that, as living creatures, animals have certain basic rights.

I'm not in disagreement with all of this. I don't want to live in a society where cruelty is inflicted on helpless life. Anyone who can't be nice to a little kitty or puppy has the beginnings of being a cruel person who could go on to even meaner things in this world.

If an animal doesn't need to be killed I'm all for letting it live. If giving rights to animals because they are alive (whether wanted or not) cuts down on cruelty in the world I'm all for that too. That's the kind of society I want to belong to. Just because something living isn't wanted is no reason to kill it.

I just wish society would apply the same logic to unborn human beings. Maybe they will if they just look into the eyes of the unborn and see them yearningly plead, "Adopt me."

The last while I have started a Wednesday Night tradition immediately following our mid-week prayer and Bible study meeting - garbage man. Just before leaving the church to go home, I grab the full garbage bags at our church, toss them in the back of my pickup truck, and then head home for the night. My reasons for doing this are a little selfish. Since I take Thursdays off, it is an extra motivation for me to clean out my carport and take my own garbage to the local drop off along with the church's Wednesday stash.

There are two things that you should not do if you see me in a supermarket.

The first thing is get behind me in a checkout line. You can be most certain that the lady just before me is going to try to pay by check - filling it out with a pen that will only work if shaken after every couple of letters. It will probably dry up for good right there and send the lady fumbling back into her overly cluttered purse for another chronically dried up pen.

The second thing you should never do is take the shopping cart I have just returned to the store's cart corral. If you do you can expect to end up with either a cart whose wheels are so misaligned that off duty police officers will stop and ask how many drinks you have had as you struggle to shop in a straight line or you will end up with a cart whose wheels are perfectly aligned and equally ceased, thus giving you an aerobic workout that would leave even the best athlete breathless. In other words - don't follow me at a supermarket.

The world is full of people you shouldn't follow. Whether it is the gossip in the pew next to you, the office supply thief at work, or that special someone who wants . . .

I once heard a comedian express the following commentary about psychic hotlines: "If these psychics are so good then why do they have to ask what your credit card number is? Shouldn't they just know?" It's strange what some people don't question in this world.

In the wake of the September 11 attack on America, there has been a whole lot of questioning and finger pointing going on. The FBI, CIA, immigration department, airport security, past governments, present governments, and even foreign governments have all been targets of blame for not preventing the horrific events of that day. However no one that I know of has stopped to ask why North America's vast network of self proclaimed psychics, gurus, tarot card readers and new age mediums didn't tip everyone off about the coming terror. After all, isn't knowing that if you go to work you will die much more important than knowing if the guy or girl in the accounting department likes you or not?

At this point I suppose one could turn the tables on me and ask, "Well then Davis, where was your God?" If they asked that, I would have to reply, "In Bethlehem about 2000 years ago." Yes, if they asked that, I would tell them about how God went to the Middle East as a man to defeat the greatest terrorist of all time - the Devil. I would tell them how the birth of Christ in Bethlehem began a 32-year campaign to make it possible for the hearts of mankind to be free from the terror of the bondage of sin. I would explain to them that Jesus, having died and thus winning the decisive battle of that campaign, is alive today and ready to receive all who will call on Him. If they asked that, I would point out that ultimately, when it comes down to it, Christmas is hard evidence that God has not abandoned the world.

Unfortunately though, without questioning the obvious, many can't see that because it's just not in the cards.

Pastor Tim Davis, Copyright 2004
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