Cybersalt Shaker

The Cybersalt Shaker features devotionals and commentary written by Pastor Tim.

The elders of our church recently had to ask someone to no longer attend Westside Bible Church. This person's name?  - 'someone Else.?

Recently too many people at our church have been counting on Someone Else to do the work of some of our ministries that require a team of volunteers.  This is not to say that there aren't a good number of people at the church carrying out individual ministries and roles, but other programs and needs at the church - such as Sunday school, junior church, junior and senior high youth groups, church cleaning and more - require a team of people to make them truly successful.  When increasing numbers of church members and attendees depend on Someone Else to do these ministries, the toll is a gradual drain of discouragement on those who have agreed to lead them.

Phew (fyoo ) ? an interjection used to express fatigue, surprise, disgust or relief.  For example:

  • ?Phew, I am so tired I have just got to sit down!?
  • ?Phew!  When that tire blew it scared the daylights out of me.?
  • ?Phew . . . . you are so stupid!?
  • ?No residual thyroid tissue.  Radioactive treatment was successful.  Phew.?

(Originally written February 26, 2004)

I saw Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of the Christ" yesterday. I know who killed Jesus. I did.

Of course I knew that before seeing Mel's movie because I have read the Bible. Yet, I must say that seeing this movie - a choreograph of pain about Christ's torture before and on the cross - has definitely expanded the dimensions of my understanding and appreciation for what it took for Jesus to choose to die as He did for my sins. Never before has a movie moved me to the point where my neck was wet with tears. Yet, please don't think it was the raw violence that brought those tears - as if the intensity of the movie overwhelmed my body. No, it was other things that moved me the most powerfully; things which I prefer remain private between me and Jesus for now.

The Olympics in Greece have officially begun.  Along with the traditional hopes and expectations of success by individual athletes and entire nations, there is also a palpable concern and angst about potential terrorism at the first games since 9/11.  To prevent any terror attacks the Greeks have spent a record amount of money putting in place a vast and varied web of security and protection.  In fact, one Greek official voiced that what they had done was 'more than humanly possible.?

Recently, a young man at our church experienced a very long bout of severe abdominal pain.  Many of us had grown quite concerned - especially when we found out that surgery was imminent. 

One evening, whilst picking up my youngest daughter from a youth group meeting, my cell phone rang.  I answered and promptly received an update, from this fellow's father-in-law, informing me that a ruptured appendix was one of the things surgeons were about to explore for.  I passed the news to the present youth sponsors and then began the drive home.  Along the way my daughter asked me what an appendix did.  I replied that I did not know.  Her response was, ?It must be one of those parts that God put in our bodies to make us more complicated.?