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Sometimes the best way to show what you are trying to explain is a screenshot of what you are looking at.  Here is a tutorial on how to make a screenshot of your computer screen.

Some programs have built in options for printing or saving their files in PDF format.  Others do not.

This tutorial shows you how to download and install CutePDF - a free, virtual printer that will allow you to save files to PDF from almost all of your computer programs.

.htaccess code for not caching pagesI'm no genius about computer servers - a fact quite clear even to people who themselves are not server geniuses.

So when I recently wanted to experiment to discover the reason my web pages were serving up super slow I asked my web host what code I could add to my .htaccess file in order to tell the server to not cache any element of my site. Here is what he gave me:

skype logoFor a couple of weeks Skype has not been working on my computer.  Yesterday and today I finally got around to looking into what was causing the problem.

The crash report for Skype was saying that the problem file was "nvdxgiwrap.dll."  When I googled that .dll file it came up in error messages for crashes of other programs as well.  In one forum the suggestion was to update the nvidia video drivers.

There are plenty of different software packages out there for talking to others over the net, but Skype is by far the best.  Not only that, but when using a program called "SkyLook" you can record your converstions.