Dear list members,

First of all I apologize for the multiple copies of this that those of you on more than one of my lists will receive.

Where I am, the calendar has just changed to December 24th.  That means it is already Christmas Day for some of you.

I would just like to express to you my desire that you all have a blessed Christmas.

I am all too aware that for some of you this time of the year is not all that you dream it could be or remember that it was.  While some of you may be surrounded by loved ones at this time of the year, others of you are separated by distance or division from those that should be close to you.  Some of you are enjoying good health, others of you are suffering poor health, and still others are labouring to care for sick loved ones.  This e-mail will be downloaded into both rich homes and poor homes, owned houses and rented rooms, happy places of work and excruciating places of toil, prisons and schools.

Although we can always wish, Christmastime never blots out all of the things we would like to forget for a while in life.  However, I want to remind us all that the true hope of Christmas is not that we can find rest from life for a few days.  The true hope of Christmas is that someone came to save us from life at the end of our days.  God came in human form so that we could have his help in this life and be with Him for eternity in the next life.
Of course it took more than being born to accomplish all this - He died on the cross for our sins and was raised to life again after three days so we could be alive to God as well.

Good News!  God isn't mad at us.  Otherwise, why would He send His son to die for us?  That's worth looking into and remembering because for all who will, regardless of their circumstances, a blessed Christmas awaits.

God bless you all!

Pastor Tim