10."Candlelight Critters-- the Lost Art of Shadow Puppetry"
9."The Horders & Hunters Almanac"
8."Condo Cooking with Wood--How To Feed Your Family Without Burning Down Your Investment!"
7."SPAM-O-RIFFIC--The Y2K Guide To Canned Cuisine"
6."How To Turn Your TV Into a Hydroponic Greenhouse"
5."The Amish Lifestyle--They Wanted It; We Got It!"
4."The Nature's Calling Guide To Urban Outhouses"
3."Camouflage Clothing--The Fashion Statement No One Will Notice"
2."Running A Neighborhood Trap Line for Fun And Profit"

And the number one Y2K book for Christmas is:

1."Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth" (B.I.B.L.E.) Y2K, or no Y2K, it's never alarmist, out of date, or lacking in eternal wisdom.  It's always number one!

Copyright 1999 by Grant MacDonald, use only with written permission.