Boy! Are Australians ever keen for writing "Twas the Night Before Christmas" variations. Kevin Clark wrote the following one from scratch after getting Wednesday's Texas version and even before he saw Thursday's Australian version.

BTW, I try really hard not to repeat jokes on the CleanLaugh list. There are plenty more Christmas jokes in the CleanLaugh Archives. Just go to

and search for the keyword "Christmas"

So, thanks for the new material Kevin - debuting on the CleanLaugh list even!

"Yet another Night before Christmas" By Kevin Clark

'Twas the week before holidays and on my PC

200 emails for me to see

I got so excited, I fell of my chair

Somebody loves me, somebody cares

But, I should have remembered what happened before

It was the same as last year. Only this time there's more.

I had 200 emails, each with the same theme

It was all way too much, I could almost scream

Every new message had the same first line

"Twas the night before (whatever)" For the 200th time

It seem that each year the creative juices flow

But after hours of typing there's nothing to show.

So we try to remember and suddenly recall

The only Christmas Rhyme that's known to all.

"I'll write a spoof" we say to our self

As we grab the thesaurus from the dusty bookshelf

We write about leftovers that we eat for a week.

We write about shopping and our poor aching feet

There's Christmas in Texas and building the toy house

All sent to cyberspace at the click of a mouse

So how about, this year, we do something strange.

We stop sending emails and talk for a change.

Talk to friends or strangers if you like.


By Kevin Clark, Copyright 2003