ct scanI (Pastor Tim) was having some health issues so I invited Cybersalt Digest Subscribers to lighten things up by writing a poem, haiku, or limerick with the words diverticulitis, CT scan, and antibiotics in it.

Here are the submissions in the order they were received!

The Maladies of Pastor Tim

Diverticulitis?  Antibiotics?  A CT scan?  Is this right?  Could this be the plan?

I think Tim has a hangnail, a boil, and a really ugly zit.  Much easier to rhyme so this must be it—a new diagnosis if the doctor permits.

- Debbie C.

I hate when I don't feel well
It hurts right to the soul.
I'm one of God's children
Therefore I should be whole.

But alas I am mistaken
And so, our Lord must right us.
We can't always be one hundred percent;
Therefore diverticulitis.

So the doctor wants a CT scan.
Hope it's not a mistake.
But I can't tell, until I'm feeling well.
So, these xxx antibiotics I'll take.

- Jean B

I wasn't feeling well one day,
So I called my Dr up.
He said I'll order a CT scan,
and see what's in your gut.
It's diverticulitis he said,
as his eyes looked towards the sky.
I believe an antibiotic will do
with lots of prayers thrown in.
I'll see you back in three more weeks
If I don't see you before.

There was a Tim without a beard, who said, 'It is just as I feared! 

Bad digestion, CT scans and antibiotic, make my life totally chaotic. 

- Gerard D.

Tickle, tickle.
Tickle, tickle.

- R. Duoos

Having Diverticulitis
Is something that doesn't excite us
Using a CT scan
The doc said this is your problem my man
Now antibiotics will hopefully right us

- dbrucepm