Silent Results

We're rerunning this pun because of some delightful and terrible comments shared about it!


man2I've decided to join a mime troupe. No telling what will happen.


Note: Subscriber Casey shared this pun on a FaceBook forum called THE PUNITENTIARY. Thanks, Casey, for sending us a bunch of the comments that were made!

~No comment. Oops!

~Promises to be a quiet night.

~No!!! The actions of those groups are unspeakable.

~(subtle sounds of white gloves and berets..)

~I predict that you will be acting up rather than acting out.

~Let us know how it goes .. but then again .. we'll probably never hear from you again!! :/

~It's a mute point.

~Remember to think outside the box.

~I witnessed one of the greatest mime troupes ever! They performed musicals and concerts - you haven't lived until you see 50 mimes signing "The Sound of Silence" by S & G and "The Flesh Failures/Let the Sunshine In" from Hair - magnificent!

~There are simply no words.....

~gestures will suffice. you will have to work it out for your selves

~Say no more!

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