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  • A picture of a bitter cake

    Bitter Cake

    There was obviously still some bitterness over Ted's promotion.
  • Picture of Dog Stung By Bees

    Dog Bees

    You can't believe everything you hear.
  • woodload

    Truckload of Wood

    Sometimes the easiest way to load a truck with fire wood is not the best way.
  • Funny Cat Pictures -  and Mouse Playing Chess

    Cat Diplomacy

    Cottonball and little Cheeser decided to settle their differences in a more diplomatic…
  • Funny Cat Pictures -  With Melon On Head

    Cat Melon Head

    It was at that point that Fifi began plotting her revenge.

We're rerunning this pun because of some delightful and terrible comments shared about it!


man2I've decided to join a mime troupe. No telling what will happen.


Note: Subscriber Casey shared this pun on a FaceBook forum called THE PUNITENTIARY. Thanks, Casey, for sending us a bunch of the comments that were made!

~No comment. Oops!

~Promises to be a quiet night.

~No!!! The actions of those groups are unspeakable.

~(subtle sounds of white gloves and berets..)

~I predict that you will be acting up rather than acting out.

~Let us know how it goes .. but then again .. we'll probably never hear from you again!! :/

~It's a mute point.

~Remember to think outside the box.

~I witnessed one of the greatest mime troupes ever! They performed musicals and concerts - you haven't lived until you see 50 mimes signing "The Sound of Silence" by S & G and "The Flesh Failures/Let the Sunshine In" from Hair - magnificent!

~There are simply no words.....

~gestures will suffice. you will have to work it out for your selves

~Say no more!

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