A man had started a new job at the zoo, after many months of being unemployed. He was determined to make a go of this job and on the first day he asked the Boss "What shall I do?"

"Clean out the fish tank" said the Boss.

So off he went and started cleaning out the tank, when by accident he sucked up the beautiful fish with the hoover. "Oh no! What shall I do? I'm going to get the sack!". He put the hoover on reverse and emptied all the fish back into the tank but they were all dead. In a state of panic, the man wrapped them up in a bag and threw them to the lions. 'No-one will ever know about it, the lions will eat them'.

The next day the man asked the Boss what he should do.

"Clean the Chimpanzee cage" said the Boss.

All was going well, he'd got the place looking immaculate when he accidentally hit one of the chimpanzees in the head with his broom. The chimpanzee was dead and the man got really worried because his job was in danger. He managed to wrap up the chimpanzee and again, threw it to the lions.

On the third day the man turned up early and asked the boss what he should do. "Sort out the Bee hive" said the Boss.

The man walked over to the hive and with all the protective clothing on, he felt confident that nothing could go wrong. Seeing the honey at the back of the hive, his hands went through, careful not to hurt any of the bees but he squashed a few by accident. "Oh no, I've really done it now, what shall I do?". Noticing the lions again, he threw the bees to the lions in the hope that they could dispose of them.

The next day a new lion arrived. Trying to impress all the lions in the cage he swaggered over to them and said "Hi, what's the food like in here?".

"Well, normally it's very good, steak and all that kind of thing but just recently it's been awful- Fish, Chimps and mushy bees!"