Oh look, Chicken Thursday! 

Good Friday 2022We had two of our grandkids staying with us last weekend. Both of them left us with wonderful memories, and one of them left me with his cold/flu/fever. And from that you can pretty much imagine how the week has gone at Cybersalt World Headquarters.

Thankfully Grandma Cybersalt was spared being sick, and just to be safe has adopted the same approach pretty girls had towards me in high school - stay away from Tim and wash your hands regularly!

Today's video share is the online Good Friday service we will be watching tomorrow. Now here's the deal, the link to the live stream is not yet active, so hang in there until 10:00am West Coast time in North America. That's UTC17:00. A blessed Good Friday to you all!
Click here to watch the video

Here is the rest of today's mailing.

~ Pastor Tim