frostSunday greetings everyone!

Cybersalt's Body of Christ Connection is still supporting persecuted Christians and encouraging and inviting others to join in praying for and communicating with them. For more info about that, head on over to:

Rev. James Snyder is trying to show the same patience for summer that God shows towards him. For more about that, you can read "How to Trick Summer into Coming Early" at:

Finally, if you are subscribed with an AOL or Yahoo address, Thursday's mailing may have arrived (or is still going to arrive) late. Somebody who no longer wanted mailings got lazy and instead of clicking the unsubscribe link (located at the bottom of every mailing) clicked their "report spam" button. When people do that, the company providing their email gets grumpy and throttles the delivery rate of my mailings. No worries though - that's just part of the email newsletter world! Just remember, Cybersalt never adds email addresses of those who have not requested a free subscription.

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim