Sunday Greetings everyone!

Briquettes Made From Coconut Waste Could Reduce DeforestationIt's a busy weekend here at Cybersalt World Headquarters with a number of good things happening. Our eldest is home for 2 weeks, we celebrated one of our grandsons' 3rd birthday, we just learned a family of 6 (relatives) are coming for a spur of the moment visit this week, my speaking session went well yesterday (was up at 5am to take part in the online conference), and I am grateful to be feeling better as I leave the flu I had in my rear view mirror. And that is just some of what is going on!

Today's video share is another inspiring story of someone overcoming the obstacles of the circumstance of their lives. "Briquettes Made From Coconut Waste Could Reduce Deforestation" moves me to be more grateful and do more with the plenty that I have.

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~ Pastor Tim