Oh look, Chicken Thursday!

ss whale vs sealThe other day, Grandma Cybersalt sent me an email inviting me to a date: "Invitation: Septic Pump Out @ Thu Aug 4, 2022 8am - 12pm" Of course, I accepted right away because almost everything is better when I do it with Susan!

Actually, the reason behind this invitation was to keep our two calendars in sync and confirm the unspoken arrangement between us that Susan would book the appointment and I would greet the honey wagon when it arrives.

To make sure I keep up my end of the deal, Susan is out of town - but not by design. She flew to Toronto yesterday to bring our grandson back (on the same day) for a summertime visit. However, a storm caused a delay for one of their flights back and they were both stuck in Calgary last night.

This means that Susan will not be home for one other unspoken part of our deal, being: if the political promises tank truck shows up at 8:00am, she will not be able to wake me up to go out and do my part. But I'm not going to make a big stink about that because I know that "stuff" happens. Nothing is going to hit the fan when she gets back!

Speaking of stuff that happens, today's video share is one I may have already featured in the digest. It was filmed a few miles off shore from where we live and involves a killer whale and a seal.  Here's a hint as to whether you want to watch it or not: "The killer whale wins." If you are one who tends to cheer for the seals, you might like to take a pass on this one.
Click here to watch.

~ Pastor Tim