Oh Look Chicken Thursday!

coyote fenceOne of the Cybersalt Team who helps put together part of the digest is a refugee who is trying to escape the country he fled to (an in which he is not safe) 10 years ago. Recently he had the added risk of having to find medical treatment for one of his children who was seriously ill. Please pray that Shahbaz and family can be safe very soon.

Also, you may have seen in the news that a number of churches were burned yesterday in Pakistan, with many Christians being attacked and persecuted. These acts took place in the same city in which one of our Cybersalt contributors lives. Please pray for his safety, that of his family, and all those in danger right now.

In today's video share it looks like the coyote missed getting the roadrunner yet again - at least he's getting some help.
Click Here to watch the video.

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing.

~ Pastor Tim