Riddle me this Batman! OK, Batman is not a subscriber of the Cybersalt Digest so let's leave him out. But Tuesday's riddle does have a number of you stumped so here is the answer (with congratulations to those who figured it out.)

The riddle was: "One mistake I did not make was marrying Mrs. Cybersalt 25 years ago today! Of course, back then she wasn't Mrs. Cybersalt - she was a Priest."

So how could my wife be a Priest? The clue was that she was a capital "P" Priest - her maiden name of course. While we are on the topic, my mother-in-law, 2 of my brothers-in-law, and one sister-in-law remain Priests to this day.

Speaking of nuns, today's featured funny picture is "The Nuns of Gavarone" at:

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing.