The invasion has happened!  The extended Davis family has come from afar and invaded Cybersalt World Headquarters for this weekend's celebration of Clayton and Rebecca's wedding. To accommodate everyone we've even set up a huge tent in the backyard.

I can neither confirm nor deny that Muammar Gaddafi is staying in this tent, but I can let you know I've borrowed a pretty sweet jacket with huge applets from someone who has been starring in his own reality show since 1969.  He keeps going on about knowing someone who can mount an anti-aircraft gun in the back of my pickup truck.  That and the sound of unmanned predator drones in my neighborhood is pretty annoying - but I digress.

With a very busy weekend of wedding stuff, the Cybersalt Digest will not be published again until Tuesday.

Until then, if you need a Cybersalt fix, just swing on over to

There's games there too you know! -

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing.