Oh Look Chicken Thursday!

giraffeI often attend the monthly "Coffee Talk" that the local Chamber of Commerce, of which I am a member, puts on at 8:30am on the last Tuesday of each month. It involves going to the location of one of our member businesses or organizations and mingling with 30 others before we go around the circle and introduce ourselves and what we do. Normally, I try to avoid doing things at 8:30 in the morning, but I enjoy meeting people at coffee talk and catching up with the many friends I have made there. This month's was especially enjoyable and left me feeling like a teenager!

The hosting duties were split between two members this past Tuesday. One of them was a local Pentecostal church who provided the location, and the other a business that puts on roller skating parties and events. So after the regular networking and sharing time, we proceeded to the gym where I roller skated for the first time in over 40 years!

In my teens, I often roller skated at the fairgrounds arena just outside of my home town, so I was very interested in skating again and seeing if I still had "It!" At the same time I was hesitant because I watch a lot of YouTube fail videos which often feature people who are old enough to know better to try things they could do when they were teenagers and I didn't want to end up lying on the gym floor, being attended to by paramedics who would probably be just a few years older than I was the last time I roller skated. However, I chose to put that hesitancy aside and not listen to the cautious voice in my head and embrace the chance to have fun. I also had to not listen to a voice outside of my head when Grandma Cybersalt (who is usually very encouraging) commented as I was heading out, "Try not to get a concussion" (or something like that.)

I am happy to say that it all went well and neither I, nor some fellow members that I almost knocked over, we injured. My first laps around the gym caused quite a frenzy in my brain as it scrambled to find the muscle memory files for roller skating (I think it was also shocked to find me on roller skates again) but eventually I was back to crossing over my feet when turning.  I still had "it" only not capitalized any more, lol. Still, the whole experience left me surprised because I found myself thrilled to feel like, and remember, the boy I was 40 years ago. 

Accordingly, today's video share is me roller skating!
Click Here to watch the video.

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing.

~ Pastor Tim