For those of you who have been wondering if you have been missing mailings, I can confirm for you that you probably haven't.  The last 3 dates that issues have gone out are June 15, July 20, and July 26.  

One of the following is the reason things have been so intermittent:

- I was abducted by aliens and the implant they put in the back of my head caused an infection that required me to be held longer than usual.  During this time I was only able to sneak on the Internet 3 times.

- My last minute training and tanning for the Olympics was a huge preoccupation for me.  On the plus side, once again I am the gold medalist in the 100 metre dash.

- My obsession with figuring out how they get the caramel inside of Caramilk bars has once again taken over my life.

- I have been busy trying to catch up on working on other people's web pages so personal computer time has been at a premium.

There are three new pages on the Cybersalt site today.  You will find "Curiosity on Mars" at:

You will find "Deaf Cat Sign" at:

You will find "Cat Olympics" at:

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing - I have to start warming up for today's men's triathlon.