Sunday greetings, everyone.

Ladybower Reservoir Plug HoleI was laying in the backyard last night, picking weeds (not pushing daisies yet!), when my phone rang. It was Ray. Ray is an alcoholic.

I hadn't heard from Ray in over a year, but as I answered the phone I groaned inside and prepared myself for another one of those calls where he, being well into a number of beers, would sloppily tell me what a f^%k up he was and how after the weekend he was going to quit drinking.

But this call was different. Ray was actually calling to catch up and to tell me that he was 8 months sober! What a nice change from the usual script since I first met him 15 years or so ago!

Ray's life story is a hard one, partly due to decisions made by others that affected his childhood and partly due to decisions he's repeatedly made to try and cope. For those of you struggling with addiction in your life, don't give up!  If Ray can be sober for 8 months, you can be too!

Today's video share is a gripping one. Angela Loucks Alexander has a powerful story an some interesting facts and she communicates them very clearly!  "Escaping the Hidden Prison of Auditory Processing Disorder" is a powerful presentation!
Click here to watch the video.

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing.

~ Pastor Tim