christmas-forestSunday greetings everyone!

Like many of you I have been busier than the North Pole Human Resources Department after an elf riot in the lunch room.

Today I turned my attention to the Cybersalt Digest and a major upgrade I've been wanting to accomplish.  As you may have already noticed, not only does the Digest have a new look, its template is now also "responsive" - meaning easier reading on mobile devices and smart phones.  This comes just in time to meet government targets for the great "Less Squinting in 2013" healthcare reform program.

Since Christmas is only 3 days away here are some relevant Cybersalt links to help you have merry minds - and merry souls:

Clean Christmas

Funny Christmas

Christmas Sermons - 
What? Did you think I was pretending to be a pastor?

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing.