Oh look, Chicken Thursday.

chicken thursday jan 31I am part of Refugee Sponsorship group in a village next to our city. It's actually a nice little village, but they would never allow me to move there because they already have an idiot.

We are rescuing a young Christian couple who had to flee their country after the husband, a reporter, covered a story on a serious crime that ended up getting the perpetrators arrested. The problem was the perps belonged to a group that is part of the dominant religion of the country and they didn't take to a Christian playing such a role. Actually, in that country they don't take to Christians having any role that affects them in any way.

I mention this because I have been working on the group's website where we have a silent auction underway and two of the most popular items being bid on are eggs and chickens - or is it chickens and eggs (I can never remember which comes first.) I chuckled when I noticed this because it was a reminder of the ridiculous corner of my mind that gets excited whenever there is something "chickeny" that I can write about on Chicken Thursdays.

Mission accomplished for another week!

Of course, most of you are too far away to place a bid on these eggs and chickens, but there is one silent auction item available that anyone anywhere can bid on. I have offered up a turnkey, startup website that is a great deal for any individual, church, organization or business that is overdue (it is 2021 after all) for a website, or a renewed website. You can see all the details at:

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing.

~ Pastor Tim