Sunday greetings!

Ok, I hope you were sitting down when you saw the Cybersalt Digest in your e-mail inbox again. Just over a month ago I sent out a mailing letting you all know the Cybersalt Digest was going to resume going out and here it is.

One of the main reasons for there being no issues since Last February was because someone used the "report spam" button with their e-mail provider to stop getting the digest - instead of using the unsubscribe link at the end of each mailing. When enough people do that the big companies start blocking the domain and then I have to go to circus school to learn the gymnastics I must go through to get them to realize I'm not a spammer. I never add peoples' e-mail address to any of my newsletters unless they have directly and specifically requested it. This is a very old policy for Cybersalt - so old it bears a young picture of me from 1998 - 

Related to the Digest resuming circulation is the fact that Mrs. Cybersalt (who is reading this over my shoulder and has already overridden two really funny things I was going to say at this point) is learning how to put my material together and send it out.

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing!