Hey look - it's me again!  Where have I been?  All I can say is that I really am a pastor (as much as some of you may wonder) and sometimes church happens.  Hopefully my absence hasn't caused too many of you to stop loving me and if it has today is a great day for us to make up!

Speaking of Valentine's Day, I know lots about February 14th has more to do with making out than making up, but I really am trying to make your "today" better.  I hope I'm at least doing better than the guy in the picture at:

Maybe my cause would be helped if I put James Snyder's story of how he met his wife (can you believe he originally thought he had a role in it) on the Cybersalt site at:

If that doesn't help the day go better, perhaps my message from last Sunday will.  It contains some important principles that can help you have greater success in your romantic relationships.  You can listen to "Happy Valentine's Day, Samson and Delilah" at:

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing.