Oh look, Chicken Thursday!

Merlyn the Goat

Yes, I know that's a goat, lol.

Remember last week when I shared a dash cam photo from Cybersaltine Raduoos? After emailing him to make sure he had seen it in the mailing, he replied and included this picture.

My comment back was, "Lol, thanks for the picture of Satan's goat!"

He responded with the story behind the picture and I enjoyed it so much I though you would too:

When I was a meter-reader for the power company, the best part of my job was dealing with dogs. But this particular meter was inside of a pen with a dozen goats. When I would enter, they would all run to the opposite side and stare at me. Merlyn kept coming closer and after two years, would come all the way up to me and want to be scratched between the horns. The other goats would stay back, yelling; “Are you crazy? Get away from that human!” But Merlyn didn’t listen.

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing.

~ Pastor Tim