Sunday greetings, everyone!catfish

The cold air has departed and the rain has returned, "shoveling" the snow away for the last couple of days around Cybersalt World Headquarters. The forecast is calling for 7 days of rain with temperatures between 5 and 7 degrees Celsius - and I don't mind that at all!

Today's video share is actually a link to an entire channel that helps people find out if their online relationships are actually with scammers. These pretenders keep asking for money and promising to meet in person, only to always have an excuse. The reason I share it is because it's important to get the word out that there are people taking advantage of others online by pretending to like/love them.

And fair warning: some of the things discussed in these videos and some of the thumbnails and language on this channel aren't things I would usually have on my site or in this newsletter. But, again, I think it is important to spread knowledge of this terrible scourge preying on lonely and hurting people.
Click here to visit the channel.

Enjoy the rest of today's digest!

~ Pastor Tim