It has been almost 4 weeks since I last mailed out the Cybersalt Digest and Pearlygates newsletters. I've been working on a bunch of web projects for people this month.  There is one in particular I'd really like you to take a moment to consider today.

In my community, 4-year-old girl named Hannah Day is in a pretty major battle with the 2nd cancer of her young life. Like 20,000 people around the world, Hannah needs a stem cell donor.  Could you please help in the search for a matched donor?

The first thing everyone can do is help get the word out by sharing the following link on your social media networks:

A second thing many can do is register with a stem cell and bone marrow registry in your country ( Each country has its own requirements (in Canada the age bracket is 17-35), but all are linked internationally so you might end up helping save the life of someone near or far from you.  Registering involves having a kit mailed to you, a simple cheek swab, and then the return mailing of your kit.

If you are not eligible to be a donor, please encourage someone who is to sign up.

People who are waiting for news of a matched donor need our prayers, but don't pray until you find out if you are an eligible donor and, if you are, have signed up.  Remember, faith without works is dead.

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing.